"has the meaning ascribed to it by section 4 of the Act as follows: meaning of allotment—
(1) In this Act, the term “allotment” means any parcel of land that is a continuous area of land and whose boundaries are shown on a survey plan that is: 
(a) subject to the Land Transfer Act 1952 and is comprised in one certificate of title or for which one certificate of title could be issued under that Act; or 
(b) not subject to that Act and was acquired by its owner under one instrument of conveyance. 
(2) For the purpose of subsection (1), the subdivision shown on the survey plan referred to in that subsection is: 
(a) the subdivision approved by way of a subdivision consent granted under the Resource Management Act 1991; or 
(b) the subdivision allowed or granted under any other Act. 
(3) For the purposes of subsection (1), an allotment shall be deemed to be a continuous area of land notwithstanding that part of it is physically separated from any other part by a road or in any other manner whatsoever, unless the division of the allotment into such parts has been allowed by a subdivision consent granted under the Resource Management Act 1991 or a subdivision approval under any former enactment relating to the subdivision of land

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