Building Code Definitions

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electrical fixed appliance

an electrical appliance which is fixed-wired to the electrical installation, or intended to remain permanently attached and form part of the building

electrical installation

any electrical fixed appliances, and components used in the reticulation of electricity, which are intended to remain permanently attached to and form part of the building

electrical supply system

the source of electricity external to the electrical installation

escape route

a continuous unobstructed route from any occupied space in a building to a final exit to enable occupants to reach a safe place, and shall comprise one or more of the following: open paths, protected paths and safe paths

essential service

in the context of an electrical installation means emergency lighting, firemen’s lifts, alarms, water pumps, sprinklers, detectors, ventilation systems and public address systems necessary for the safety of people in buildings

estimated value

the value of building work shall be the aggregate of the values, determined in accordance with section 10 of the Goods and Services Tax Act 1985, of all goods and services to be supplied for that building work

evacuation time

means the time between the ignition of a fire affecting a building and the time when all the occupants of the building have reached a place of safety


all parts of an escape route protected by fire or smoke separations, or by distance when exposed to open air, and terminating at a final exit

external wall

any exterior face of a building within 30° of vertical, consisting of primary and/or secondary elements intended to provide protection against the outdoor environment, but which may also contain unprotected areas