Building Code Definitions

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occupied space

any space within a building in which a person will be present from time to time during the intended use of the building

open space

means land on which there are, and will be, no buildings and which has no roof over any part of it other than overhanging eaves

other property

means any land or buildings or part thereof which are—
(a) not held under the same allotment; or
(b) not held under the same ownership— and includes any road

outdoor air

air as typically comprising by volume. (i) oxygen 20.94% (ii) carbon dioxide 0.03% (iii) nitrogen and other inert gases 79.03%


that part of the disposal system receiving surface water or foul water from the drainage system. For foul water the outfall may include a sewer or a septic tank. For surface water, the outfall may include a natural water course, kerb and channel, or soakage system