Building Code Definitions

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people with disabilities

people whose ability to use buildings is affected by mental, physical, hearing or sight impairment

place of safety

means either—
(a) a safe place; or
(b) a place that is inside a building and meets the following requirements:
(i) the place is constructed with fire separations that have fire resistance sufficient to withstand burnout at the point of the fire source; and
(ii) the place is in a building that is protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system that complies with NZS 4541 or NZS 4515 as appropriate to the building’s use; and
(iii) the place is designed to accommodate the intended number of persons; and
(iv) the place is provided with sufficient means of escape to enable the intended number of persons to escape to a safe place that is outside a building

plumbing system

pipes, joints and fittings laid above ground and used for the conveyance of foul water to the foul water drain, and includes vent pipes

principal user

a member of the primary group for which a building was constructed, and therefore explicitly excludes persons or groups of persons providing care or control of that principal user group