Building Code Definitions

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territorial authority

has the meaning ascribed to it by section 2 of the Local Government Act 1974; and includes any organisation which is authorised to permit structures pursuant to section 12(1)(b) of the Resource Management Act 1991

thermal resistance

the resistance to heat flow of a given component of a building element. It is equal to the air temperature difference (°C) needed to produce unit heat flux (W/m2) through unit area (m2) under steady conditions. The units are °Cm2/W

total wall area

, in relation to a building, means the sum (expressed in square metres) of the following:
(a) the wall area of the building; and 
(b) the area (expressed in square metres) of all vertical glazing in external walls of the building

travel distance

the length of the escape route as a whole or the individual lengths of its parts, namely:
(a) open paths; 
(b) protected paths; and 
(c) safe paths